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Financial Firepower to grow your business!

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The PPS Difference

Fractional teams value business and employees!

Our experts are not consultants

Add strategic thinking (not just bookkeeping)

Allow entrepreneurs to work ON the business, not IN the business!

The PPS Difference

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What is a Fractional Finance Department

What are Fractional Employees

No matter the size, every business needs strategic financial partners to make sense of the numbers and provide sound advice in making business decisions. Bigger companies have the budget and ability to hire these individuals full-time, giving them a distinct advantage to get even bigger. At PPS Solutions, we believe that smaller businesses shouldn't be shut out from having top-notch talent at their disposal just because they don't have the same budget as their competition. 

To accomplish this goal, we pair top Finance Professionals with companies for a "fraction" of their time, which means a "fraction" of the cost! Our CFOs, Controllers, and other Finance professionals work for several companies at the same time. This gives them the stability and continuity of being 'part of the team', and it gives your business the chance to benefit from finance expertise previously enjoyed by only the most successful companies.

What does a  Finance Department do?

The Finance Department provides the information and process to make business smarter! While they also fill the basic functions of financial reporting, the most successful finance departments are involved in all facets of operations:

  • Providing information to make the best business decisions

  • Review and analyze critical process for improvement and automation

  • Obtain and optimize financial resources to keep business running.

  • Implement controls and reviews to keep expenses low and increase efficiency.

  • Build systems that get your business to the next level! 

Business Analytics / Profitability Analysis

Busines Analytics

Business Analytics

"You'll never control what you don't measure"


There's a LOT of information in your possession. Some of it is CRUCIAL to your business!


Our expert analysts will help you understand the important metrics you should be focusing on to increase revenue, decrease cost, and drive efficiency. 

Profitability Analysis

"Profitability is the intersection of growth and efficiency"

Stock Market Chart

Timely review of your financial performance is key to finding issues and keeping your profits in the business! 

Our analysts have the industry and business knowledge to make sense of the numbers and make you comfortable with them too. They'll make concrete recommendations on how to make your business more profitable.

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