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"Are you making decisions that are truly in your best interest?" PPS Solutions featured on podcast "Secrets of the High Demand Coach" with Scott Ritzheimer.

Scott Ritzheimer is the Founder and CEO of Scale Architects. Since starting his own successful business at 21, he has helped start a staggering 20,000+ businesses and teaches countless more how to scale and succeed through his company, his podcast,. and his many media appearances. Our CEO John Hannum joined him to discuss how a Fractional CFO can help businesses as a Finance Coach!

PPS Solutions' CEO John Hannum recently appeared as the guest on Scott Ritzheimer's podcast "Secrets of the High Demand Coach", a show devoted to helping business leaders learn valuable skills to grow and scale their businesses. John discussed the role of a fractional CFO as the Finance Coach in the C-suite and what you should expect from your CFO -- fractional or not.

"Our mission is to educate entrepreneurs and business leaders and we are always excited to reach an amazing audience like Scott's. We hope you'll listen and then tell your friends to listen as well!" -- John Hannum

Links to the podcast are below -- please watch on your favorite platform and don't forget to leave a review (we hope 5 stars!):

We appreciate Scott having us on the podcast. To learn more about him and his work, check him out at

To learn more about how PPS Solutions can help you or your business with a CFO or Full-Service Finance and Accounting, contact us or set up an appointment through our website

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