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Financial Firepower to grow your business

PPS Solutions believes that all businesses should have access to the same Secret Ingredient that keeps big business successful......

 a world class Finance function!

Our company was founded by John Hannum, a CFO and COO that understands the intrinsic value of the Finance function to the operations of every company.


Since recognizing the fact that small and growing businesses need strategic and administrative help to be successful, he has been on a mission to bring a Fractional Finance team to every company!


From an early age, I saw what the spirit of entrepreneurism can do.  I was 8 years old when my parents opened their first business. I saw the time and energy they put into the business, watching it grow through their hard work from 1 location to several locations over more than a decade. I saw how they tackled the challenges that come from running your own business with a ton of personal passion and energy – but without much support. While my parents struggled with balancing the cash flow needs of their business between inventory and payroll, larger corporate competitors opened nearby with apparent resources to “do it all”.


Even as a child, I loved the workings of business, preferring the “order and organization” of keeping things well-documented. By the time I went to University, a career in Accounting and Finance was really the only choice for me – and there could not have been a better choice.


Over the decades since, I grew my career with several companies – all of which experienced incredible growth over my tenure. As we grew these companies (from several million dollars in revenue to several billion – from private companies to public and back again), I realized that I love the process of organizing chaos and understanding the drivers behind business growth! I also understand how every piece of an effective Finance organization runs, from Staff Accountant to CFO – because I’ve executed every one of them with the same energy I saw in my parents before.


In 2020, after a successful stint growing a public subcontractor, I decided to take a pause. As I listened to the entrepreneurs in my life talk about the struggles of running their businesses (especially in a pandemic), it struck me that what they needed was strategic finance advice and support! But, just like my parents, most couldn’t afford full-time help. At the same time, most CFOs and finance professionals are also monopolized by big businesses, so how would they even find competent professionals who wanted to work “part time”? Then, the realization that there are THOUSANDS of small and growing business – why not partner these professionals up with multiple businesses in order to create a symbiotic relationship for both parties?! – and so, PPS Solutions was born!


I founded PPS Solutions to help level the playing field between entrepreneurs and big business. I believe that there is no challenge that cannot be tackled with the right combination of People, Process, and Systems (in that order). Our services give smaller business the ability to generate financial reporting and metrics to not only run their business better, but to secure financing, plan and forecast, and make great data-driven decisions to solidly build their businesses. It is my passion to help your business chart its path to growth, and I can’t wait to talk to you about how we accomplish that! Please invest a half-hour with me to talk about your business and learn how we can help.

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The PPS Difference

Fractional Teams value business and employees!

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