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Meet Your Finance Team

Finance Roles


Strategy, Experience

An experienced CFO will help to formulate a strategic roadmap for growth and stability in any business. The CFO is not just a person who runs the finance administration, but is someone who partners with the CEO and Executive Team to navigate the risks and opportunities of your industry, providing strategic input and maximizing the ability of your company to achieve its best potential.


Financial Acumen, Process

As the person who “owns” the accounting function, an excellent Controller is the most important part of your finance department’s day-to-day operations. They will set up the accounting systems to ensure you know how the business is doing at any time. They’ll make sure the accounting is clean and crisp, ultimately issuing “no surprises” GAAP financial reporting to you, your team, and any appropriate external users of the information (such as banks and regulatory agencies).


Professional-level accounting knowledge

Accountants typically perform all of the basic professional tasks associated with the accounting function - they book transactions,  maintain the general ledger, perform reconciliations, and analyze the results to ensure the books and records are accurate. They work at the direction of an Accounting Manager, Controller or other head of Accounting.

(Financial) Analyst

Professional-level financial analysis

Analysts gather, validate, organize and analyze data to make it useable to your business. They may produce reporting from your business operations (such as Key Performance Indicators and Dashboards) or from outside your business (such as information on the competitive landscape of your industry or geography). They also prepare forecasts and budgets to help in planning for your business’s future!


Transaction Entry and Reporting

Bookkeepers are normally responsible for administrative duties and the recording of transactions, including sales, payments from customers, expenses, and payments to vendors. They also provide valuable reporting to management or accountants on the transactions they book. In some businesses, they function as everything from part-time clerk to office manager, taking vital administrative functions off the plate of the owner or entrepreneur.

Clerk (Accounting, A/R, A/P, and others)

Transaction and data input

Clerks are knowledgeable about there area of expertise, and will make sure that your transactions are put into your system based on the parameters set up by the management, Controller, or Accountant. They are a great way to ensure that your transactions are all entered and accounted for without the expense of a more senior individual.

Building a Team to Meet Your Business Needs

No two businesses are exactly the same, therefore every business should have a Finance team tailored to its specific needs and budget.  Through a series of proprietary processes, PPS Solutions will learn about your specific business plans challenges, assess the needs of your organization, and recommend a team tailored to your exact business needs.

Once your team is in place, you know Our PPS team is there to get the job done.  Unlike other firms, PPS professionals are not responsible for  “selling” more services to your business!

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