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The PPS Solutions Difference:

Growing business needs Strategic Thinking

(not just bookkeeping)

Most entrepreneurs "do it all" until they are overwhelmed, then hire a bookkeeper to take care of administrative tasks. 

Adding a Finance Professional first saves many costly mistakes!

PPS adds strategy when it's needed:

Business Growth Chart.png

Imagine what could be done with a strategic partner from the beginning:

Entrepreneurs are industrious and resourceful people. They have a vision for their business and the drive to accomplish anything! More often than not, ​ they "go it alone" until they ultimately need to have help in the form of administrative or accounting help (most times, a bookkeeper). While bookkeepers are a valuable asset, they aren't the best resource for setting systems up for long-term strategic goals and can't offer the types of strategic financial advice needed. 

By adding a (fractional) CFO from the beginning, you get both the strategic business input to help make the right decisions, and someone who can guide the administrative staff in setting up systems for proper financial reporting!

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