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The PPS Solutions Difference:

Fractional teams allow entrepreneurs to work ON the business rather than IN the business!

Most entrepreneurs got into their business based on a passion for what they do, but then get sidetracked by the administrative tasks associated with running any company.....

Let PPS Professionals take the burden of administration so you can focus on what you do best!

Entrepreneurs surveyed report......

Spending at least 68.1% of their time working "IN" the business vs "ON" their business:

Working ON the business:

  • Building customer relationships

  • New business development

  • New Ideas

  • Strategic Planning

  • Growth and Capacity scaling


Working in v on 1.png

Working IN the business:

  • "Putting out fires"

  • Accounting and Clerical duties
  • Government and Regulatory issues

  • Human Resources Administration

  • Internal Communications


The typical entrepreneur:

  • Works more than 60 hours per week (most significantly more)​​

  • Takes no days off for the first several years.

  • Does not hire "help" for 2.3 years 

  • First hires clerical, administrative, or bookkeeping help.

  • Hires senior or strategic partners only after their business is successful.

PPS Teams can lighten the burden:

Working in v on 2.png
  • Teams are staffed with industry professionals at all levels to ensure job knowledge - "no training"

  • Strategic support provides guidance and advice to grow the business.

  • Administrative support takes burden off the business leaders who can use time to work ON the business.

  • Teams are configured on each business's need at a "fraction", putting off the need to hire full-time personnel.

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