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The PPS Solutions Difference

Fractional teams value business and employees!

The employment relationship between 100% companies and their 100% employees can be achieved by matching employees with multiple fractional engagements....

Engaging 100% of each employee's time to create "full employment".

PPS Solves the "part time" loyalty issue by working to ensure every employee is as engaged as they prefer to be:

PPS Difference reason 1 Diagram.png

Benefits for Employees:

  • Continuity and predictability of earnings/salary.

  • Allows employees to focus on business needs rather than looking for new work.

  • Stability of employee tenure - less turnover.

  • Able to receive benefits with full-time employment not normally available to part-time or consulting employees.

Benefits for Companies:

  • Standardized expense structure (salary x fraction) is more predictable and economical than consulting hours and wages.

  • Employee stability and tenure

  • Ownership mentality (your business, not just a consultant)

  • Integration with your business

  • Team morale

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